For Calvert County Teachers

Teacher Resources - AP and Honors Curriculum


Preparation Phase

The following resources are designed for educators to introduce students to the coming weeks as they work through the PLANS program curriculum.

Student Readings:

Introduction to the Chesapeake Bay & the Patuxent River Estuary

Introduction to the Plankton in the Chesapeake Bay

Understanding Nutrient Limitation

Teacher Resources:

Preparation Teacher Guide

During this class the students will be evaluated to determine their current knowledge of nutrient limitation and related Chesapeake Bay issues. Students will then be introduced to these topics by their teacher. Further, students will be introduced to PLANS and what their role will be in the program.

Overview of PLANS powerpoint
Please introduce your students to the PLANS program via this PowerPoint. 

Lecture on Plankton and Nutrients in the Bay
This PowerPoint is full of great information and you are free to edit it as you see fit.

Collecting a Plankton Sample
Here are instructions on collecting a live plankton sample to view back in your classroom.

The Importance of Filter Feeders in the Bay
This PowerPoint presentation is available to show your students to prepare them for the field trip to PEARL and the experiments in the lab. Please feel free to edit as you see fit. We recommend you show this presentation to your students before their visit to PEARL.

Observing a Plankton Sample
Please print this document for each student to complete while observing the plankton sample.

Plankton Identification Manual
Here you will find a manual to help you identify the different types of plankton found in the Bay.

Action Phase

During this class period your students will visit PEARL for a field trip.

The Oyster Filter Feeding Experiment - Teacher Guide
Please download this teacher guide to the oyster feeding experiment the students will be carrying out while at PEARL.

Student Guide: Oyster Filter Feeding Experiment
Please provide copies of the experimental procedure to your students.

Student Worksheet: Oyster Filter Feeding Experiment
Students will be given copies of this worksheet which includes a data sheet to collect their data and an example of how to make calculations based on the clearing rate of the oysters used in the experiment.

Reflection Phase

During this phase, students will carry out a nutrient limitation bioassy using water collected from the Action Phase field trip.

Teacher Resources:

Constructing a Light Box
Use these instructions to put your students to work and build their lightbox which they will use throughout the experiment.

Nutrient Limitation Bioassay- Teacher Guide
Please review this teacher guide to familiarize yourself with experimental design and the bioassay procedure.

Operating the AquaFluor Fluorometer
Use these instructions to guide you in using the hand held fluorometer.

Student Nutrient Limitation Bioassay Procedure
Please print this procedure for your students to set up their bioassay

Class Data Sheet
Use this data sheet to collect class data

Interpreting Bioassay Data - Teacher Guide
This teacher guide will aid you in your understanding of the complexities related to nutrient limitation.

Interpreting the Data - PowerPoint
This PowerPoint should be given to your students to help them understand how to interpret their results from the bioassy.

Interpreting the Data - Student Guide
Please print this guide for your students to help them understand their data.