• PLANS for the Chesapeake Bay


What is PLANS?

PLANS (PLankton And Nutrient Studies for the Chesapeake Bay) is an exemplary program funded by NOAA. Our program is designed to provide hands-on experiences for students by investigating nutrient enrichment and phytoplankton dynamics in the Chesapeake Bay. Through classroom, field and web-based activities, students conduct scientific inquiries on the causes of phytoplankton blooms and come to understand the role they can play in helping to improve the water quality of the Bay. PLANS is a collaborative program offered by Morgan State University and The Society for Ocean Sciences.


The goal of the PLANS curriculum is to provide a meaningful education program based on real-life environmental issues. Students who participate, learn first-hand the issues associated with nutrient runoff and the consequent eutrophication of our waterways. Through hands-on experiential learning, students have shown improvements in attitude and knowledge toward the health of the Chesapeake Bay.